Sunday, August 22, 2010

First full track day!

Well my first full instructed day on track at Harris Hill Road was friggin awesome. Only thing that sucked is I couldn't have anything in the car that wasn't "bolted down" so I need to install this camera mount I bought. Maybe next time I can get away with my suction cup mounted iphone. The 720p video on the iphone is pretty good. Anyway, I have next to no pictures, but some guy was taking professional ones to sell. I'll buy those and upload.
My car gots no shoes!

Tires arrived Friday I decided to put them on before the track day. It made a huge difference over the Nexens I had on for Daily Driving.
Just changed the oil & brake fluid (getting ready for track day on Saturday) Running - amsoil 0w-30 and amsoil series 600 racing brake fluid.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exhaust / HFC

So as you might be able to tell from the picture in the previous post, the exhaust didn't exactly line up. I had some major fitment problems as there is this tow loop in the way.

We tried to take it off and the dang thing wouldn't come off so Chris ended up grinding it off. Well, I still have a tow loop on the other side. And if I need to get pulled out of a ditch, I don't care much where they hook up.

Now the exhaust is the same level on both sides and I am a happy camper.

I just received my Cobb high flow cat. It was a great deal at $200 shipped, but the delivery was bad timing because I didn't get it until about 2 hours AFTER I had my car up off the lift at Chris's shop. So it looks like we're getting this installed in the driveway. When I get the downpipe I'm definitely going to be going to a place with a lift to get it installed. Screw driveway installation.
Which reminds me, I met some people on the Team High Rev forums and am thinking I'll join that group if I can. They seem like nice people, plus one of my old WoW buddies is in that group. Anyway, one of the guys there hooked me up with one of the guys from the Evo X forums who is selling an AMS downpipe for a great price. Which means before the HPDE I will have a full turboback exhaust and new tires! :D I need to buy brake fluid, get an oil change, tech inspection and possibly new brake pads though.

Pic of the now properly installed exhaust.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catback Exhaust Install

So I wasn't crazy... I had tried to install the exhaust with my dad and we couldn't get the holes to line up. I meet up with Chris from the sports car meetup group and the holes did not line up!
An email to ERZ and they tell me it's from a mold and HAS to fit. Well it doesn't. If we had a lift I would have pulled it and taken pictures of everything, but that wouldn't have solved anything.. quickly. Chris ended up milling out the holes and it fit just fine. The gasket that came with the exhaust also didn't fit. We'll need to make that fit as well.

Anyway, the exhaust is installed! It's incredibly loud so I have to use the silencer disks for daily driving. Otherwise I think I'd go mad.

Up next? I'm going to have to buy some brake pads, flush my brake fluid, oil change, and a helmet for my upcoming track day! Things I'd like to do as well: AMS Widemouth Downpipe/ a mini muffler test pipe. And of course an LC-1 wideband.

After this, I'm spending money on some track wheels/tires. And by some money I mean $2,000.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

CNT Racing Exhaust v3

Progress! If I get my car back! It should be done tomorrow. I ordered an exhaust. It should be here by Friday. I'll get that installed maybe Saturday morning.

w00t I'm stoked about getting some mods on this car.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Power on a budget.

Well everything's been blown out the window by a quick PM with one of the EVOXForum guys. I've found a great exhaust system the CNT Racing V2 Catback Exhaust It's ridiculously cheap at $425 coupled with a high flow catalytic converter (aka "cat") which is yet to be determined and the REXPEED O2 Downpipe for $180, that's my first big upgrade on the car. According to one of the gearheads on EVOXforums the Rexpeed should give the same gains as the AMS Widemouth Downpipe for... ~$250 less. My only concern is finding a decent cat that will provide me legal emissions.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

The engine is the 4B11-type 2.0 liter inline-4 turbo engine. Evolution X can get to 60MPH seconds. Aluminum is used in the roof panel, front fenders and the rear spoiler frame structure. 291HP @ 6500rpm.

Standard rear spoiler. 5-speed manual 245/40R18 Yokohama ADVAN A13C tire on Enkei 12-spoke high-rigidity cast alloy wheels. Brembo ventilated disc brakes. Standard S-AWC 4WD system. Xenon HID headlamps with manual leveling; large rear spoiler; FAST-Key electronic entry and starting system; 650-watt (maximum) Rockford Fosgate audio system; in-dash 6-disc CD changer
0-60 mph: 4.6 seconds
Quarter-mile: 13.6 seconds @ 101.3 mph
Weight: 3,512 pounds

Upgrade Ideas

There are a few things that I'm looking to do to the car.

The upgrades I'd like to do:

1. Catback Exhaust - I've been looking at several options, but I think I'm probably going to go with a solution from Cobb. It's $1,195 which is a bit more expensive than some other solutions out there, but seems to be one of the most reputable. The second choice I've seen would be the Buschur Racing Evo X 3" SS Dual Catback Exhaust w/Bullet Muffler

It's a lot cheaper, I just need to find out why. Another Austinite with this (or a similar) exhaust system offered to let me check it out. So I'll definitely be taking a look.

After that I'll finish off the exhaust system with possibly an AMS Downpipe/AMS High Flow Catalytic Converter but we're talking another $820

I'm also looking at the same products by Cobb. $540

First Upgrade - Cobb Access Port

I ordered and received my first modification. A Cobb Access Port. Cobb Tuning provides this device which allows you to load off the shelf fuel maps to provide a better performance. Cobb claims 19.3% HP gain with the Stage 1 map that's included.

Once you perform further upgrades you can move to a stage 2 map, or go in to a tuning shop and have them create a custom map that you can keep on your access port.

The thing I like best about this product you can uninstall it at any time and return your car to a stock configuration. The Access Port also allows you to load a fuel economy map (for those long boring drives), a valet map (limits revs and turbo boost), and even an anti-theft mode (prevents the car from starting). It makes remapping easy.

Project Evo

I'm using this to keep track of my modifications and upgrades to my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR.

Right now I'd be happy just to get the thing back so I could drive it! First of all... 2 weeks after I got the car I got rear ended... so that was a week in the shop. Then I noticed the clutch just starting to slip so I take it in to the dealer (6/19) and let them know what's going on. They look at the car (6/21) and tell me they're going to send it to Mitsubishi and see if they'll cover it. Which I didn't figure they would. Mitsubishi looks at the car (6/22) and says they have to have a district manager come review the case to see if it's approved, but he doesn't show up until Friday! So then the dealer calls me (6/25) and tells me "the manufacturer won't cover it we'll have to take the car and get approval from... some manager" or something like that. So they had my car a full week and nothing's been done to it. On top of this, I don't even know if they're going to cover the stupid repair!

So here I am in Limbo.... soooo frustrating.