Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Upgrade - Cobb Access Port

I ordered and received my first modification. A Cobb Access Port. Cobb Tuning provides this device which allows you to load off the shelf fuel maps to provide a better performance. Cobb claims 19.3% HP gain with the Stage 1 map that's included.

Once you perform further upgrades you can move to a stage 2 map, or go in to a tuning shop and have them create a custom map that you can keep on your access port.

The thing I like best about this product you can uninstall it at any time and return your car to a stock configuration. The Access Port also allows you to load a fuel economy map (for those long boring drives), a valet map (limits revs and turbo boost), and even an anti-theft mode (prevents the car from starting). It makes remapping easy.

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