Sunday, June 27, 2010

Upgrade Ideas

There are a few things that I'm looking to do to the car.

The upgrades I'd like to do:

1. Catback Exhaust - I've been looking at several options, but I think I'm probably going to go with a solution from Cobb. It's $1,195 which is a bit more expensive than some other solutions out there, but seems to be one of the most reputable. The second choice I've seen would be the Buschur Racing Evo X 3" SS Dual Catback Exhaust w/Bullet Muffler

It's a lot cheaper, I just need to find out why. Another Austinite with this (or a similar) exhaust system offered to let me check it out. So I'll definitely be taking a look.

After that I'll finish off the exhaust system with possibly an AMS Downpipe/AMS High Flow Catalytic Converter but we're talking another $820

I'm also looking at the same products by Cobb. $540

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