Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catback Exhaust Install

So I wasn't crazy... I had tried to install the exhaust with my dad and we couldn't get the holes to line up. I meet up with Chris from the sports car meetup group and the holes did not line up!
An email to ERZ and they tell me it's from a mold and HAS to fit. Well it doesn't. If we had a lift I would have pulled it and taken pictures of everything, but that wouldn't have solved anything.. quickly. Chris ended up milling out the holes and it fit just fine. The gasket that came with the exhaust also didn't fit. We'll need to make that fit as well.

Anyway, the exhaust is installed! It's incredibly loud so I have to use the silencer disks for daily driving. Otherwise I think I'd go mad.

Up next? I'm going to have to buy some brake pads, flush my brake fluid, oil change, and a helmet for my upcoming track day! Things I'd like to do as well: AMS Widemouth Downpipe/ a mini muffler test pipe. And of course an LC-1 wideband.

After this, I'm spending money on some track wheels/tires. And by some money I mean $2,000.