Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exhaust / HFC

So as you might be able to tell from the picture in the previous post, the exhaust didn't exactly line up. I had some major fitment problems as there is this tow loop in the way.

We tried to take it off and the dang thing wouldn't come off so Chris ended up grinding it off. Well, I still have a tow loop on the other side. And if I need to get pulled out of a ditch, I don't care much where they hook up.

Now the exhaust is the same level on both sides and I am a happy camper.

I just received my Cobb high flow cat. It was a great deal at $200 shipped, but the delivery was bad timing because I didn't get it until about 2 hours AFTER I had my car up off the lift at Chris's shop. So it looks like we're getting this installed in the driveway. When I get the downpipe I'm definitely going to be going to a place with a lift to get it installed. Screw driveway installation.
Which reminds me, I met some people on the Team High Rev forums and am thinking I'll join that group if I can. They seem like nice people, plus one of my old WoW buddies is in that group. Anyway, one of the guys there hooked me up with one of the guys from the Evo X forums who is selling an AMS downpipe for a great price. Which means before the HPDE I will have a full turboback exhaust and new tires! :D I need to buy brake fluid, get an oil change, tech inspection and possibly new brake pads though.

Pic of the now properly installed exhaust.