Monday, September 26, 2011


So the injectors have arrived and I left my car with a guy from Cobb Tuning. Meanwhile I'll have a few non car related posts while I post up some awesome stuff in China! I'm on my way to Beijing and Kehan and I will hit up the Forbidden City and possibly the great wall again before we head over to Xi'an to see the Terracotta warriors. Pretty epic stuff. The rest of this year will be pretty awesome as I have at least 3 track days I plan on hitting up. Coupled with my new cameras and adobe premiere I should be able to provide some good video.

It's way too early.

Friday, September 23, 2011


New boost solenoid has arrived. Injectors are on the way. I've ordered DeatschWerks 1000cc injectors, I was hoping they'd be here before I flew out to China but sadly no.

Cobb Tuning is taking my car in for some testing and offered me a deal on a fuel pump, so I'll have a Walbro 255 pump installed while I'm on vacation. Unfortunately they're not doing any installs or tunes until the end of the year as they're booked up with R&D stuff I'd assume (speculation). Once the pump, injectors, EBCS are installed, I'm going to go for E85. I'll also see what I can run on 93. I'm hoping for 340 on 93 and 380 on e85

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dyno Day 8/6

I put together a dyno day with some friends and had a good run. I've added a Cobb Tuning intake and intercooler piping. I was running really rich and sent in some logs and had one of the guys over at Cobb help me out with an eTune that leaned things out a little. So since I last dynoed (292 awhp/325 torque) I've added the Cobb SF Intake and the Spec 3+ clutch. I ended up running 309 awhp and 326 torque.

New Photos

Lots of new pictures after the break.


     Several track days have come and gone. I've moved to yellow group and reduced my track times by about 10 seconds. I've also aquired some Nitto NT01's but have yet to put them to the test at the track.
     The car's running an etune and pushing 309 awhp and 326 torque. Injectors, fuel pump, and electronic boost controller are on the way and soon I'll run E85. Hopefully make some significant power.

I've set up my youtube channel called The Exploding Evo. Hopefully I can make some entertaining videos of the different tracks I visit.