Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuning Time at Cobb Tuning Plano!

I'm now at Cobb Tuning Plano getting tuned for both 93 and E85. I will say no matter what happens it's never enough. You always have a number in your mind and when you don't get that you immediately begin planning what you're going to do next.
I do have the results of my 93 tune, it's only doing about 326 AWHP on this dyno. Seems like a small boost compared to a couple other cars I've seen, but maybe there's something I'm missing. I'll have to go back through and reevaluate the differences between my car and others. I don't have a straight pipe yet, that's a quick upgrade.


Marco said...

did they do a 'before' pull on that dyno to compare to the new tune?

Me said...

No, they pulled the car in and started on the injectors and EBCS, so they had to start tuning right away. I'm sure I'll get another run on Cobb Austin's dyno sometime in the near future so I'll see how I do there.