Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Formula Yas 3000 - The Experience

On my trip to Abu Dhabi I was originally planning on driving the Renault Clio around the track in their... cheap driving experience. I showed up on Friday to sign up for the following weekend. Once onsite I found out that they didn't have any more spots available, AND if I wanted to drive I had to fork out the extra money to drive the Formula Yas 3000 car and I would be driving in 30 minutes!!!!

Well, I rushed down to the racing school and handed over the money. The experience was OUT OF THE WORLD! Please see tell me what you think of the video I put together showcasing one of the most amazing events of my life. One thing... I wish I had worn different shoes.

Oh yeah and a guy spun out in front of me. Shut down the track for 20+ minutes we sat in the cars baking in our race suits, then went back out for the rest of our session. Totally worth the ~$350.

Before jumping into the driver’s seat of this vehicle, you need to get suited up in full race gear and helmet, followed by a technical briefing from your racing coach. Next, you will take familiarization laps around the circuit in a Renault vehicle. During these slow laps, your coach will explain the racing line and how to approach each corner.

At this point you should be ready for the real action. You will be taken back to the pits, where you’ll be further briefed on your car before being tightly strapped in. Prepare to feel every bump, ripple and sensation of your drive – You've never been this connected to a driving machine! For this experience, five cars are scheduled per session. Your instructor will lead the way on pace laps along the circuit. With wings and slick tyres, this car gives razor-sharp responses. Make sure to relax behind the wheel, as even the slightest driver input delivers a noticeable
direction change.

The Car:
• Titanium reinforced aluminum honeycomb tub
• Ohlins racing dampers
• Alcon four-pot brake calipers
• AP Racing fully floating discs
• 3.0L V6 engine developed by F1 engine builder Cosworth Racing
• Dry sump lubrication system
• Fly-by-wire throttle control
• Carbon fiber airbox
• Stainless steel racing exhaust
Carbon fiber front wing & nose assembly
Carbon fiber rear wing elements
GRP sidepods & engine cover
FTRS 6 speed gearbox
TPT limited slip differential
6 point safety harness approved by FIA
Cosworth Electronic Omega LCD dashboard with LED shift light array
MOMO steering wheel with quick-release coupling
Cockpit controlled traction & power maps
Formula1 -style paddle shift gear change mounted to steering wheel
Carbon fiber cockpit interior & dashboard
OZ racing magnesium wheels
Front: 10x13
Rear: 13x13

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