Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mo money, mo money, mo money.

Well, since my pads are done, I've gone with my gut and ordered a set of EBC Blue NDX pads. The yellows never failed me performance-wise but their longevity was abysmal. I spoke with a tech over at EBC and we're looking at the Blues as a potential solution.

They're only $10 more than the yellows ($170) and I had a gift card from Amazon for $10 so I basically got them for the same price.

If they last until the end of the year, I'll be happy. I plan on toning down on my events to save some more cash. I'll be transitioning to a more general informational and entertainment tone in videos. But be on the lookout for some 0-60 testing videos, a trip to the drag strip? (Finally) and I'll continue to run autocross events.

I'll continue working on my line and lap times and have some raw footage for those who've asked for it. Right now though, I do need some suspension upgrades and I'll be picking up another car by the end of the year. 

On the road to recovery

Injector Dynamics ID1000 have been the favorite of many Evo owners and what I would have gone with, but they were out of stock right before I was about to get to Cobb Tuning Plano to get tuned.

So now time to get scheduled for an install and retune

How many BMWs can you pass in 15 minutes?

Challenge Accepted!

Monday, April 2, 2012

How to make a grilled brake sandwich or EBC Yellow stuff brake pad review.

Take four EBC Yellow brake pads and repeatedly apply large amounts of heat.

You should then have a nice crisp brake sandwich in approximately 6500-7000 miles.

I picked up the EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads back in November before a track day. They had been recommended by several people and I looked forward to installing these pads. The day before an HPDE I had to get them on and hopefully bed them. Well, I managed to get everything done just in time and the pads felt a little weak in the first session, but by the second they felt great. However my car was another story. Issues with fuel delivery cut my day short. All in all I probably only got in about 15 laps.
The front pads are done.
So these pads have survived maybe... 40 actual laps on track. And about 6,650 miles of daily driving plus at least 20 semi-spirited drives (rarely track level braking). I'm going to say that I'm disappointed in the longevity of the pad, the life was a bit short.

As far as reliability: when using the pad at Harris Hill Road I was able to handle braking with no problem and never felt like I had fade in 20 minute sessions. When driving on the street, there was maybe a squeak my first stop sign and after that the pads didn't make a peep.

They were perfect for what I used them for. If only they had lasted a few more months.

Dust boots are cracked and need a replacement: ~$100ish  >:(

I've been recommended several other pads including PFC 06 pads as well as the Raybestos ST43's. Not sure what the plan is yet, but I do have some other problems. My CV axle boots are leaking at the rings which means I'll need to find some boots for those or possibly replace the axles altogether. Not looking forward to that. I have some brembo pads that will suffice for driving for a couple months, but they won't handle track use for more than a day I'd wager.

Too bad I didn't win megamillions.